Box Office Pro Webinar- Friday, April 3,2020- 10:45am

Patrick from NATO

On the call- over 700 people from 30 different countries

Where are we? Industry will be shut down 2-1.5 months. Two biggest concerns 1. Movie releases- End of June limited releases. Major releases in July. 2. Employees-Nato helping financially until the state kicks in. This industry has gone from $15 billion to $0 revenue. Nato is working with the government to make sure there is liquidity. Small business economics to be able to come back.

Stimulus package. Talk to your banker RIGHT NOW. Providing grants and loans that are forgiveable but limited to 2.5 times month payroll. Talk to banker about your needs. Nato still have conversations and should have answers from the treasury in 2 weeks.

Interesting comment in the chat room from Rick Stowell: CARES Act+ paycheck do NOT help small movie theaters. None of us has payroll 3x as mush as the rent + utilities. So very little of rent will be forgiven which is where theaters need help. 

Estimated close down period 

Will Rogers Initiative only works for employees 5 years or more at a theater. however, you can donate if you would like to. Many GoFundMe and Arthouse theaters initiatives have been created to help the industry.

WIE- Women In Exhibition- Group. Heather Blair is the president.

John Fithian: Current goals 1) help workers with unemployment fund 2) keep company afloat- need liquidity for members 3) keep everyone safe

Global Cinema Organization- working with NATO to address content and releases.

Make sure you stay in touch with local health professionals. When theaters open, they most likely will be at 50% capacity and will need to do intense cleaning.

Distributors + availability- theaters want new or have the vaults open. Active conversations are happening. The model is not broken, it is just on hold. Many movies were release before corona virus. They are not going to maintain the regular window and are being sent directly home faster. The movies that have not been released yet, they are being postponed for a later date and will be released with the standard regular window. So now, 1) later specified date or 2) or postponed with out picked a new date. If the movie was set to be released in April | May | June, it will be released later in the same calendar year. All projects have ceased so there should not be a huge back log and it will all work out.

Will people be used to home viewing? NO. People are getting stir crazy and will rush to the cinemas. They miss the social experience.

There is tremendous support from theaters distributors and studios. They are a business and it is smart business practice for them to get back into the theaters and support the theaters.

Director Chris Nolan wrote an OpEd. Here is the link:

Bobbie from B & B Theaters

Make sure you are keeping in touch with your customers.

It is vitally important for theaters to have a United Front. This is being done in other countries. #moviestogether- this will be started when it makes sense. It is too early to start now. Need to wait until the 30 day mark. The cinema industry must stand together. The community needs to be united. When you unite the community= unite the audience.

With your business, stay relevant by running a social media campaign, favorite movie, hype up the holiday releases and stay positive. One example of good  social media use is at and 

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