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so we did a thing.. we are on facebook, it took a bit of time, but we are on “the facebook”!

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this is the dine in cinema summit:)

WOW.. Where have the posts been?

Where have the posts been? I know you have been dying to know or perhaps you had no idea that we even posted. Like you, we have been working on getting back into the swing of theaters opening on a slim down crew. BUT, if you attend the happy hour every Tuesday at 4pm, you will know we are still here!

We are done planning for CinemaCon and can’t wait to be part of the Dine In Cinema Superbooth. We have enjoyed collaborating with Theatre Toolkit, Franklin Designs and Telescopic Seating Systems to collaboratively put a great booth together. Come visit us at 201J!

Time for you to make arrangements to attend our first Mini Summit that will take place in Des Moines, IA in October. We are super excited to take this event on the road and happy to partner with Fridley Theatres and FLIX Brewhouse. We cannot wait to be with all the friends in the midwest. You can find more information on our site.

Time to register !!

CJ Cinema Summit #28

With Germany, France and most of UK going into a second lockdown within a week of each other, cinemas in three of Europe’s biggest markets once again find themselves shuttered. We speak to industry leaders in all three territories about what to expect during this second involuntary intermission



# CJCinemaSummit will enable industry stakeholders to stay connected to the industry and gain key up to date insights as well as to ask questions and support each other through these turbulent times.

The sole aim is to create a virtual meeting space with a regular schedule where speakers will share industry information, as well as enabling a space for round tables and audience participation.