The 2025 Agenda is not ready for your eyes. To decide if this structure of the Summit works for you, review our 2024 Agenda. We do not repeat the same topics exactly, however, when we need to dig deeper into a topic the next year, we do. Kindly submit your topic requests to us for consideration by October 1,2024.

2024 Agenda

Kindly review the agenda and note the following below:

  1. THE APP: Time to download the app as we will be using this for correspondences during the show. 
  2. TRANSPORTATION: Buses will be departing from The Thompson Hotel according to the agenda. It is important to take all of your items off the bus each time. Make sure you ride each bus for the goodies!
  3. EXHIBITOR SEATING: As always, exhibitors take priority with seating. With honoring  all the “special favors” seating is going to be tight and quite possibly not enough for everyone on the list. If you are an exhibitor, please take a seat first. Vendors, please wait until all the exhibitors have been seated. THEN, Vendors, a max of two from your company are able to be seated at this time. If after this there is still room, you may seat the remainder of your group.  If there is not a seat available, you may hang in the lobby. You may choose to swap out your team for different sessions. Again, this is not ideal, and yes, next year new policies will be in place- just a heads up. Therefore, it is important to not get comfortable with how things went in previous years. Every year is a learning year for us. The evening events are not an issue for attendance.
  4. SWAG BAGS: We have enough for 250 attendees. If you get one great. If not, there is always next year.
  5. SPONSORS: Anytime you see a sponsor, please thank them. They have done an amazing job contributing to this event to make what it is. They will appreciate your love. They are going to talk about themselves, be ready and be respectful. If we don’t have sponsors, we don’t have an event. We, Matt and I, don’t take a salary from this activity. We do it because we passionately believe in this industry or we are insane. We are still assessing. Regardless, your “fun for 2.5 days” is because of sponsors and our free labor. 
  6. EVENING EVENTS: Do attend all the events. The spirit of the Summit is that we are all together all day and we party at night. It is not high school where you break off because you think you are cooler than others. The events are all paid for. You will have drinks (alcoholic and non) and dinner. If you have extra money to go out on your own, shoot it over this way:) Client meetings can happen on Thursday as we all know you told your work you were at this through Thursday.
  7. NAME TAGS: You will pick up your name tags at the Monday night event or Tuesday morning at Flix Brewhouse. If you do not pick up your name tag at either of these events, you will need to find Amy. Don’t ask Matt. This is not his thing.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns email us at or text Amy at 512-799-8601 or Matt at 512-799-8600.

We are grateful for each of you and let’s raise a glass to the sixth annual Dine In Cinema Summit!

Amy and Matt

A special thank you to our FIRST EVER bus sponsors!

Monday, February 5, 2024

Time Description Sponsored By
6:30pm – 9:30pm

**Bus service is not available this day. Upstairs at Caroline is 0.3 miles from the host hotel.

“The Party Begins”

Evening Networking Event at Upstairs at Caroline 109 East 7th Street Austin, Texas 78701

Special Note: Bus Service Ends after Drop Off at “The Party Begins” Event  

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Time Description Sponsored By
8:00am Bus Departs from Thompson Hotel 506 San Jacinto Austin, Texas 78701 for Breakfast & Morning Sessions at:

Flix Brewhouse
2200 South Interstate 35 Round Rock, Texas 78681

8:30am Breakfast, Welcome, Introductions & Tour at FLIX Brewhouse

Welcome and Introductions from the DICS Producers

Matt Mader, CEO, Venue Valet

Amy Mader, Director of Business Development, Venue Valet

9:30am Presentation: Expanding into an FEC: 101

Presenter: David Wallace, CEO of Turfway Entertainment Management


 Presentation: Just Walk Out Technology by Amazon

Presenter: Emily Tatum, VP Technical Business Development, Amazon


Party With:

Albert Waitt, Director of Operations, Smitty’s Cinemas


Presentation: “Take the Friction Out of the Frictionless Experience”


Beth Standlee. CEO, Trainertainment

NOON Presentation: Fundamentals of Presentation Technology- Audio Technology & Acoustics


Mark Mayfield, Director, Cinema & Entertainment Marketing Q-SYS, VP International Cinema Technology Association

12:30pm Bus Departs for Lunch & Afternoon Sessions at

Alamo Drafthouse 1120 South Lamar Blvd Austin, Texas 78701

1:00pm Lunch, Tour with Q&A at Alamo Drafthouse

2:00pm Panel: Unlocking the Power of Emotional Intelligence in Your Organization


Brett King, CEO. Cinetrain


  • Heather Morgan, Chief of Staff & Strategy, Alamo Drafthouse
  • Samantha Ricke, Director of Learning & Development, Flix Brewhouse


Presentation: CJ Cinema Summit LIVE


Sperling Reich, Celluloid Junkie

Thomas McCalla, Covergent Group


Presentation: ICA LIVE 2024: Saving Money & Increasing Revenues for Members


Rich Daughtridge, ICA President, Warehouse Cinemas

Bill Campbell, ICA Chairman, Orpheum Theatres

Mark O’Meara, ICA Board Director, University Mall Theatres

Joel Davis, ICA Board Director, Premiere Cinemas


Presentation: How to Expand your Audience and Increase profits with VR


Sergio Garcia, Director of Business Development at Virtuix 


Presentation: Fundamentals of Presentation Technology- Introduction, Projection & Media Technology


Reiner Doetzkies, Director of Business & Technology Development Sharp/NEC Display Solutions


Presentation: Fundamentals of Presentation Technology- Networks, Theatre Management Systems and Maintenance


Chase Taylor, Owner Sound Vision Technical

6:00pm The Summit Happy Hour
7:30pm – 10:30pm “The Party Continues”  Evening Networking Event at

Moonshine Restaurant 303 Red River Street Austin, Texas 78701

Special Note: Bus Service Ends after Drop Off at “The Party Continues” Event  

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Time Description Sponsored By
8:00am Bus Departs from Thompson Hotel 506 San Jacinto Austin, Texas 78701

EVO Cinemas Belterra
166 Hargraves Dr. Ste A100 Austin, Texas 78737

8:30am Breakfast & Tour at EVO Entertainment


Presentation: How to Get Grants and the Money Waiting for Your Business

Presenter: Jeff Kaplan, Sharp/NEC


Presentation/Panel: Space Matters! In Your Kitchen


Michael Giacinto, Proctor Company 


  • Jay Brunkow, Johnson Pike
  • Anthony Ramkissoon, Hoshi
  • Kyle Coleman, Alto- Shaam


Party With: Roadhouse Cinemas

Scott Cassell, Managing Partner, Roadhouse Cinemas

Josh Snider, Managing Partner, Roadhouse Cinemas


Presentation/Panel: CTO Technology Dump


Scott Beck, VP Business Development, Theater Toolkit


Erik Fruin, Director of Technology, Star Cinema Grill

Peter Lichtor, VP of Technology, Flix Brewhouse

Craig Hall, CEO, Nexxus Cinema Dining

Ryan Guinn, VP Technology, Cinepolis

Richie Powers, CEO, Showtime Solutions


Presentation/Panel: Robots- Helping fill the Labor Gap & Create a Better Culture


Matt Mader, CEO, Venue Valet


Elad Inbar, RobotLAB

Curtis Stavich, BowlMarc Robotics

Phil Zheng, RichTech Robotics

1:15pm Depart for Lunch & Afternoon Sessions

Tour / Q&A / Lunch

Moviehouse & Eatery by Cinepolis 7415 Southwest Parkway Austin, Texas 78745


Presentation: FEC Use Case & ROI


Dave Wallace, CEO, Turfway Entertainment Management Group


Panel: The Taylor Swift Effect: Lessons and Best Practices in Booking, Marketing, and Executing Event Cinema Experiences

Introduction: Dean Moore, Director, Exhibitor Relations & Distribution, Spotlight Cinema Networks

Moderator: J. Sperling Reich, Executive Editor, Celluloid Junkie


Bryan Braunlich, Executive Director, The Cinema Foundation

Traci Hanlon, VP of Marketing, Cinergy Entertainment

Luis Olloqui, CEO/President, Cinepolis USA

Tim Patton, CSC Film Buying


Panel: Experience Your Experience

Moderator: Adam Peterson, Vice President, VIP Luxury Seating


Tim League, Founder, Alamo Drafthouse

Mike Voegtle, President, Studio V Architects

Maria Grillo, Crunchy Bread Culture Studio


Presentation: Analyze This


Richie Power, CEO, Showtime Group Solutions


Presentation: Food & Beverage & You


Sperling Reich, Celluloid Junkie


  • Rob Novak, SVP Food & Beverage, Marcus Theaters
  • Kyle Hill, attorney, Martin Frost and Hill
  • Kurt Moody, Executive Director, Beverage + Innovation, Patrick Henry Creative Promotions
6:00pm The Summit Happy Hour
6:45pm Bus Departs for The Party that Never Ends Event
7:00pm- 10:00pm

“The Party Never Ends” Networking Event

Cooper’s BBQ 217 Congress Street Austin, Texas 78701

Special Note: Bus Service Ends after Drop Off at “The Party Never Ends” Event  

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Time / Location Description Sponsored By
9:00am -2:00pm 

All FEC!! All DAY!! More information coming soon – but if you are wanting more FEC, this is YOUR DAY!!

**Bus service is not available this day. Violet Crown is 0.6 miles from the host hotel.

Violet Crown Theater 434 West 2nd Street Austin, Texas 78701

9:00 am    

Theater One

Architects + Contractors: Demystifying architects and contractors- Part  One: Fee Structure, Timelines, Common Issues + Solutions, Delays

Moderator: Jim Cooke, VP Business Development, NGC


Bob McCall, Principal, JKRP Architects

Jeff Broderick, Vice President, EDC

Jeffrey Hill, Principal and Managing Director, SBLM

Theresa English, Principal, TK Architects

Theater Two

Staffing: Too Many Job Openings Too Few Applicants

Presenter: Sheryl Bindelglass, CEO, Sheryl Golf 

Theater Three

Redemption Room: Building the Right Redemption Room  for your Size and Space


Aimee Dolehanty, Director of Design, Redemption Plus & Left Brain Right Brain 

Theater Four


Presentation: Going Cashless? Cashless Solutions Simplified


Dan Swendsen, Director of Business Development, Ready Credit Corporations


Bowling: The Number One Indoor Recreational Sport in America, Why?

Moderator: Dave Wallace, CEO, Turfway Entertainment


Jay Saladino, Director of New Center Development, Brunswick Bowling

Kris Des Roches, Director- New Business Development, Brunswick Bowling

Jody Pastula, New Business Development, Qubica AMF

Sarah Malott, New Business Development, Qubica AMF

10:00 am 10:00am 10:00am
Theater One

Architects & Construction: Demystifying architects and contractors- Part  Two: Permitting + Deliverable Issues, Financial Mistakes, Creating the RIGHT team, Impact Fees


Jason Wistreich. Principal, JKRP


Mike Voegtle, Managing Partner, Studio V Architects

Chad Philhour, Partner, BC Design Group

Phil Schissler, Twin Shores

Aaron Jenks, Principal, Paradigm Design

Theater Two

The Lost Art of Guest Service: Where has all the service gone? Commit to the 4 basic principles of customer service to be the leader in guest experience


Beth Standlee, CEO, Trainertainment

Theater Three

Software: Customer Service! How Call Buttons, QR Codes & The Right Partners Can Help


Matt Mader, CEO + Managing Partner, Venue Valet

Theater Four

State of the FEC Industry: Discussion of Today and the Future of Entertainment


Danny Gruening, VP of Business Development, Creative Works

11:00 am BRUNCH  
Noon Noon Noon
Theater One

Arcades: The Best Practices to Maximize Your Opportunity (highest revenue per square foot)


Brittannie Betti, VP, Betson

Theater Two

Culture Shift from Transactional to Experiential Movie Theatres are very transactional & the shift to attractions and an FEC will need to focus more on the experience

Presenter: Beth Standlee, CEO, Trainertainment

Theater Three

Website + Rewards: Making Your Website Work for YOU and Reward your Customers


Jason Green, CEO, Theater Toolkit

Kevin Greer, CTO, Theater Toolkit

Scott Beck, Director of Business Development, Theater Toolkit

Theater Four

Laser Tag: “The Synergy of Long Lasting Attractions”


Shane Zimmerman, VP Sales North America, Delta Strike

Adam Kleinhenz, Shaffer Distributing

1:00pm 1:00pm 1:00pm
Theater One

Additional Revenue: Rev Up Your Revenue with Birthday Parties and Celebrations


Sheryl Bindelglass, CEO, Sheryl Golf 

Theater Two

Insurance: The What & Needs to Know Within the FEC Industry


Rand Wright, President, SafePark USA

Theater Three

Who Has the Wallet?: Understanding Your Clients & Their Spending Habits


Danny Gruening, VP of Business Development, Creative Works

Theater Four

Food & Beverage: Understanding the FEC world for Food and Bar Service


Dave Wallace, CEO, Turfway Entertainment


Thank you to our Bus Sponsors!