CJ Cinema Summit #3 Webinar Notes 4.2.20 11am CST

What a great webinar from CJ Cinema Summit. The videos used are located at community.cjcinemasummit.com. It is free to join and well worth to have at your fingertips.

Global Round Up- The billion dollar question: When will studios open? AMC says it can be mid June. Sony is shifting all titles to next year. They began grabbing dates. Some of their movies have not been filmed yet.  Once movie theaters open, it will be a slow roll out. State by state and region by region.Distributors want to feel confident movies will hit as many as possible.

Project 12: What will things look like 12 weeks from now? Right now theaters should be taking the time to get ready for people to get back into the movies. Time to rebuild customer confident. As a theatre, you need to stay in contact with your customers. Some theaters are taking polls: 10 ten movies of all time, what content customers want to see etc. One theatre is focusing on their 32nd anniversary and listing all the number one movie of each year.  Continue to be relevant in your customers world. Another theatre is acknowledging the super hero’s in their  industry while incorporating the hero’s of their community.  Another theatre is doing hand washing videos by taking hand washing scenes out of movies.

A majority of social media platforms are being used. Most popular one is facebook followed by instagram and twitter.

Stan from Box Office: We are currently in Phase 1- hibernation preparation. take this time to clean everything and communicate this to your employees and customers. Show cleaning on your social media pages. Goal, to allow the client to feel confident.  The internet is based on algorithms. You need to make are you to miss your status on the internet by staying silent.

Consider doing a daily VLOG allowing the guests to watch and hear from you.

We need to be form a united front with talent, distributors and movie theaters.


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