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“Mastering Emails” Presented by Elizabeth Sheil 
Make your email life easy because 92% of people polled said email speediness is important and 81% check email multiple times per day.
Helpful Tips
1. Easy Folder Structure: Your inbox should be action items. It is worthless if you don’t use it this way.
2. Tackle Your Full Inbox: Take time to unsubscribe from the junk email.  Start at the bottom of your email list and move up. If it takes less than 3 minutes to respond- reply immediately. If it takes over 3 minutes, reply with you are working on it. File immediately if you have responded to it.
3. Task vs. Calendar: Add notes to the email  (check on the gmail account) regarding why it is essential.
4. Automation Replies: the pros and cons: It saves time and money, allows you to streamline your workflow but it decreases authenticity.

Canned responses: they are useful when you can personalize a portion of the inquiry . If you are going to use a template (these are the three dots by the trashcan in gmail), it should be used for: inquiries, consult follow up, timeline reviews, day of vendor emails, wedding day reminders and out of office replies.

When do you automate: Payment and contract reminders
Auto responder: best practices to use when you are going on vacation
Favorite apps to use to help with you inbox: slack,, screen castify  and  calendly (calendar cross reference)

“How to Continue Marketing Even With a Limited Budget”: Kinsey Roberts

In business, you can spend time or money or both. You need to pick the one that applies to you. This market is the a gateway for a substantial budget and you need to make sure you stop being unforgettable.
1. Plug the holes in your business: stop financial leaks, stop paying for marketing that is not working. Marketing is an inside job
2. Where do you get the most paying clients? find your paying clients and know the conversion rate of # contacted you to # booked.
3. Amplify and increase your marketing referral channel. SEO Search- go to you tube (since it is owned by google). Don’t become stagnant.
4. Go ALL IN for 60 days: If you implement few and far between- not effective. Marketing is math.
Read the book ” They Ask, You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan. You don’t always need to pivot, you can adapt.

“Top Habits of Highly Successful Event Professionals”: Presented by Megan Ely
1. (was running late on a work call…)
2. Must pivot- share your skills
3. Don’t stop learning- ever
4. Misinterpretation of successful growth- be realistic about this year
5. Being too anecdotal about what is working
6. Valuing creativity over organization: now is the time to implement systems, create an editorial schedule
7. Over dependence on a single entity
8. Saying yes to the wrong people

Shift your focus to: 1. your team- build now before you need them 2. your vendor relationships 3. your well being 4. your relevancy: “be a port in the storm- the safe harbor” for your clients.

To do list:
1. Seek inspiration out side of this industry
2. Integrate current technology into your day to day
3.  Make small videos to answer questions instead of email typing (LOOM)
4. Stay connected by being memorable
5. Design your own opportunities to connect
6. Do Better

“I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work” ~Thomas Edison

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