Dine In Cinema Summit OG Happiness Hour 3.31.20

Tuesday March 31,2020 Open Forum

John Holstrom: Moderator

(this event was not recorded)

Sperling Reich:
1. the following conferences are still planning on moving forward
cineeurope: august 3-6
cineshow: august 24-26
expo cine: september 29- october 2
show east: october 19-2020
Mena cinema forum: October 27-29
Dine in cinema summit: november 9th -12th

Scott Cassell of Roadhouse Cinemas
converted their kitchen for take out. use mobile bites. customer would email and do modifications for take out orders.
laid off a majority of the employees and their goals was to make enough money to pay the managers salaries.
created a commercial  and used facebook for a media campaign. goal to make $1500 per day. community support has been amazing. tipping their drivers well.
tuscon location managers requested to stop doing this. scottsdale location still going
decreased the menu price by 25% and will consider keeping this service on the future.
suggestion for theatres to contact providers (sysco) for a financial break on food.
plan on increasing menu prices and considering having the drivers only on tips when they resume.
right now, they are just wanting to get people back in the door so in the beginning they will keep the prices lower.

Matthew mader of Venue Valet
#1 issue is employment costs in the theatre business. vista and venue valet have incorporated this in to their plans
this whole event is a time to reset employment approach
owners have been giving more than they have been receiving from their employees. what can be done for employee incentives?
we will be coming off this into crazy unemployment rates

Matthew Baizer of flix Brewhouse
the main issue that all owners will be dealing with is not having content… need content to get people in the doors
theatres cannot pay their bills.. vendors need to look at a forgivable loan
need to get NATO to promote
retaining employees is a must. imperative to communicate daily. keep the messages informal and keep the updated
provide valuable resources to them as this is crisis management 101

swade geiger of vista
look at the functionality of social distancing
vista is holding town hall meetings
focus on what can be done when the theatres are up and running
rebuilding customer experience

Craig Hall from alabama
employment question do you want good employees and not just employees
apply for a loan.. it only takes 15 minutes
bring back necessary employees first
hire more employees— get the best 10%
have to find the right balance
need strong advocacy from NATO

Q&A session
actively remodeling for 2 states at a time- have love seat booths and satisfy VIP
consistent changes moving forward

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