Cinema In Flux Wednesday April 1st 10:00am

Cinema In Flux Wednesday April 1st 10:00am


Harish Anand Thilakan- Organizer:

Mark Waldman- Moderator:

Greg Creighton:

Bruce Wren:

Joe Masher:

Luis Castelazo:

(disclaimer: these notes might not be perfect, so watch the whole video at the link below)

Hire and Rehire from Furlough
Retain corporate people  at 135% of their rate
AMC providing active status with health insurance benefits
need to focus on SOP when you reopen
Bruce : How do pull this together: maintain communications, treat like it is a new opening, CDC has documents on website about cleaning procedures
Greg: Retained key leadership at theatres, touch base with team members and thoughts regarding coming back. have a marcus facebook page where staff can ask questions regarding current and future prognosis, guests will need to see active cleaners “visibility of cleanliness”
Joe: kept a handful of general managers, food served in closed containers to ensure guests safe and federal government restrictions
Salary: bring back everyone at the same level as when they left. concerned about new opportunities people have had to look for because of money. challenge with training new people. higher competition than in the past
Opening: will all depend on government but will be not possible to open all locations at one time. it will be a roll out.
Stimulus program: hire an attorney to help you navigate the stimulus program. there is an employee tax discount and payroll tax deferral but there are rules that go with it.

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