Cinema In Flux Webinar Series May 13,2020 2:25pm

If you missed this amazing presentation- watch it now:) It featured our Summit OG’s Matt Mader, Matthew Baizer and Robbie Sosna. Here are some key take aways:

  1. Change is happening as a reaction to COVID. This is short term while this is an opportunity to make changes long term. Enable technologies to offset the new expenses.
  2. Work on remote delivery.Reimagine how you show a film. A hope is to have flexible requirements when showing movies.
  3. When reopening, you might have a break in the food and supply chain. Develop your single use menu on what you can get not what you typically do.
  4. You can consider decreasing your prices on items that are less prep intensive. Consider scaling down your menu for reopening. Main goal is to get people in their seats and understand that their discretionary funds are limited.
  5. Look at technology for contactless tickets and payments. (shameless plug- use the venue valet app:))

Here is the replay:

Hat created a reopening playbook: Learn it, live it, love it. It is made to help you.


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