Getting to Know Generation Z

I sat on a webinar regarding understanding Generation Z by Dr. Corey Seemiller, since movie employees and attendees are of that generation. This is what I have learned:

Generation Z is 1995-2010 or 1997-2012 (differing opinions in the industry on the dates:))

The Gen Z person is openminded, passionate about inclusion, independent, pragmatic, realistic, authentic, to the point, transparent and tech savvy. They thrive on Face to Face communication, BUT are not sure how to do it and are nervous to do it, therefore, they resort to the impersonal communication of texting or snap chat.  They don’t set up their voicemail and don’t email. There is a high level of depression which makes them less risky. They are raised mostly by Gen X who choose to not micromanage their kids. Their motivation is by relationships. They want to know if their task matters because that directly correlates with that they matter as a person.

Fulfillment=Passion=Happiness. They don’t want to be unhappy for more money.

If you are a UPS driver, by delivering food, you are saving lives. This is how they view a job. This “we” generation aligns with their values.

They crave stability and want recession proof jobs. COVID-19 is perplexing to them.  81% of them wants to be a “gig” employee which is a contractor job position.

To retain them, provide them with new roles and tasks. They want to be “Intrepreneurs” = internal entrepreneurs.

They want to be valued and fulfilled. They want to be able to say sorry and then fix it. They don’t want to dwell on mistakes.

They want to be invited to do things – yes, even at work. Their attention span is decreased. They cannot handle long term things. They need “mini” things to happen during the day.

TikTock is not the best place for adults to be. It is their space. IF they feel like adults are taking over (they deem this “creepy treehouse people”), they will create another space. If you are going to post things on TikTock for your business, you need to have an Gen Z person doing it and it will be a great marketing tool for you.

If you are giving handouts to them, they need to be unique. They need to feel that they are the only ones who receive it (even thought many received it).

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Corey Seemiller, “The Gen Z Speaker,” you can check out her website at:  On the site you can purchase her books on Generation Z, learn more about her research, find videos on various topics, and even view her TedxDayton talk.

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