Cheers + Chat | May 26,2020

I am going to work better at hitting record on the happy hour. We just jump on in visiting and about 30  minutes into it we realize that the record button was not hit. We are just so excited to hear from everyone!


password: qYSPDJx3

Flix and Roadhouse Grill are looking to open in June and July. We talked about how attendees felt about the work that associations were performing on their behalf. Matthew Baizer has been extremely happy with the Texas Restaurant Association and their nightly updates. If you have not been looking at your state restaurant associations, you should.

We chatted about having a disclaimer. Some are using a portion of the Walt Disney Disclaimer.

We chatted about the use of apps. Some are using vista serve app, others are customizing their own and some are not using an app at all.

We are looking into putting a national movie night event together for all dine in cinema theatres. We will be talking about this at the next happy hour on Tuesday June 2nd 4pm. Make plans to attend!

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