Five Most Iconic Drinks in Austin

Why do we love Austin, we still are counting the ways!!
Five Most Iconic Drinks in Austin

1. “The Happy Meal” | Barfly’s | 5420 Airport Blvd.
This is the gold standard of dive bars complete with cheap drinks, no frills, no outside light, pool tables, a jukebox, and more. It should be no surprise then that its Happy Meal is comprised of a can of Lone Star and a shot of Jagermeister for about $5.

2. “Mexican Martini”  | Trudy’s Texas Star | 409 West 30th Street
The potent Mexican martini is more of a variation of a margarita that a martini (and it’s certainly not Mexican). But it is wildly popular at all four of the Trudy’s locations.

3. “Tito’s + Topo” | Contigo Austin | 2027 Anchor Lane
This dog and kid-friendly neighborhood spot has an admirable cocktail menu however sometimes happiness comes in the form of a Tito’s and Topo Chico under the central Texas sky. It doesn’t get more Austin than that.

4. “Bloody Mary”  | Rio Rita | 1203 Chicon
When Rio Rita’s moved to Chicon Street in late 2016, its reputation for serving up a killer breakfast of champions’ Bloody Mary stayed intact. The tomato meets salt and citrus cocktail is capped off with celery, pickled okra, lime, olives, and banana peppers. Stay the course with the house special or be daring with a spicy infused vodka like one with habanero.

5. “Mad Dog Margarita” |  Texas Chili Parlor | 1409 Lavaca Street
Guy Clark memorialized the funky Lavaca Street restaurant and dive bar and this drink when he sang, “I wish I was in Austin at the Chili Parlor Bar, drinking Mad Dog Margaritas and not caring where you are” in the song “Dublin Blues,” The drink swaps out tequila for mezcal.