2019 Theater Survey


Thank you for attending the 2019 Dine In Cinema Summit in Austin this year.  We are actively planning next years summit and would appreciate if you can take a few minutes and complete the below survey.  Your feedback will help ensure that next years summit is even more productive and enjoyable.  We look forward to hearing from you.

2019 Dine In Cinema Summit Feedback Theater Survey

  • Main Session Topics

    These questions relate to the non-sponsored interactive sessions
  • Session Commercial Spots

    In order to keep registration fees for theaters low, there were a number of sponsors who paid for 15 min and 60 min commercial spots that helped cover the cost of food, evening entertainment, and transportation.
  • Summit timeline, date, and city

    Please provide feedback
  • Venues, Evening Events, Food, Hotels, and Transportation

  • Please rate the evening events below

  • Please provide any feedback about the theatre venues in regards to comfort, AV/sound, layout, food, etc.

  • Last but most important question:

    Please use this section to let us know anything that was not covered above or if you had any extraordinary positive or negative experiences that stood out this year.