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Dine In Cinema Summit

"Where the Dine In Industry Meets"


We are happy to invite you to be a participating sponsor for our second annual Dine-In Cinema Summit. The summit will be held from Monday, November 4th through Thursday, November 7th, 2019 in Austin, Texas. The dine in cinema industry is continuing to see exponential growth and there is an ongoing need for current and future dine in owners/operators, vendors, service providers to gather and promote this industry with a collaborative approach. We are pleased to report that our 2018 conference was sold out and our attendees had a memorable time collaborating and connecting with the vendors and theatre owners. We created a synergetic relationship with each other and continue to stay in touch and look forward to hosting our first annual “OG’s of the Summit” happy hour at CinemaCon 2019 in Las Vegas!  Look for an invite to that event coming soon.

As fellow industry partners supplying to the cinema exhibition industry, we all encounter numerous questions from dine in owners/operators regarding successes and pitfalls the industry is experiencing as well as current cinema owners who are considering entering the dine in market. This industry is changing globally and we all are fortunate to be a part of it.

Our priority remains as it was in 2018, to provide interactive educational opportunities as well as showcase fellow industry partners who provide value to the dine in cinema experience. We expect to have our attendees leave with a fresh outlook, innovative ideas, new partnerships, different perspectives and excitement to continue or begin new theatre projects and continue to improve on all of the elements that make this complex industry a success. By pledging your sponsorship to this event, you are showing a commitment to improving the overall dine-in cinema experience for everyone in this exciting segment.

In the event that you were not able to attend in 2018, our summit is unlike any previous conferences you have attended. We do not have a traditional tradeshow and booth format or the typical panel Q&A sessions attended by large audiences. Instead, your sponsorship is applied to one of the multiple networking opportunities we provide during the summit. This allows you to directly promote your business by having the undivided attention of the dine in cinema summit attendee. We tour different dine in theatre sites while soaking up the uniqueness of the city of Austin. As a group, we truly experience why we embrace our motto of “Keep Austin Weird”. You will also be able to participate in swag bags and we are able arrange some unique Texas items for your guests to remember you by. For 2019 we are adding opportunities for sponsors to host dedicated sessions to discuss their products and services with new potential customers as well as provide an update and training to existing customers.

In additional to some sponsorship details and a tentative agenda, up-to-date details are listed on our site at www.dineincinemasummit.com. We look forward to you being part of our “Weird Austin Team” and hope to see you at the “OG’s of the Summit” happy hour at CinemaCon.


Matt Mader, John Holstrom and Amy Mader

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