Getting to Know Generation Z

I sat on a webinar regarding understanding Generation Z by Dr. Corey Seemiller, since movie employees and attendees are of that generation. This is what I have learned:

Generation Z is 1995-2010 or 1997-2012 (differing opinions in the industry on the dates:))

The Gen Z person is openminded, passionate about inclusion, independent, pragmatic, realistic, authentic, to the point, transparent and tech savvy. They thrive on Face to Face communication, BUT are not sure how to do it and are nervous to do it, therefore, they resort to the impersonal communication of texting or snap chat.  They don’t set up their voicemail and don’t email. There is a high level of depression which makes them less risky. They are raised mostly by Gen X who choose to not micromanage their kids. Their motivation is by relationships. They want to know if their task matters because that directly correlates with that they matter as a person.

Fulfillment=Passion=Happiness. They don’t want to be unhappy for more money.

If you are a UPS driver, by delivering food, you are saving lives. This is how they view a job. This “we” generation aligns with their values.

They crave stability and want recession proof jobs. COVID-19 is perplexing to them.  81% of them wants to be a “gig” employee which is a contractor job position.

To retain them, provide them with new roles and tasks. They want to be “Intrepreneurs” = internal entrepreneurs.

They want to be valued and fulfilled. They want to be able to say sorry and then fix it. They don’t want to dwell on mistakes.

They want to be invited to do things – yes, even at work. Their attention span is decreased. They cannot handle long term things. They need “mini” things to happen during the day.

TikTock is not the best place for adults to be. It is their space. IF they feel like adults are taking over (they deem this “creepy treehouse people”), they will create another space. If you are going to post things on TikTock for your business, you need to have an Gen Z person doing it and it will be a great marketing tool for you.

If you are giving handouts to them, they need to be unique. They need to feel that they are the only ones who receive it (even thought many received it).

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Corey Seemiller, “The Gen Z Speaker,” you can check out her website at:  On the site you can purchase her books on Generation Z, learn more about her research, find videos on various topics, and even view her TedxDayton talk.

BoxOffice Pro LIVE Session: Overview of current moviegoers engagement campaigns around the world

Monday, May 4,2020 | 10:30am

Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation Initiative representatives spoke

They created an emergency fund with NATO. Focus on third party fundraising. The third party does all the work.

Some activities done: QuarantineTrivia Night and Lionsgate Movie Night with celebrities.

#moviestogether- is in full force.  movies together media link:

Watch the reply at the below link:

CJ Cinema Summit #7

CJ Cinema Summit will be hosting a Global Cinema Summit at the end of June. Ticket pricing is not determined as of yet, but you can register at

The fundamentals for reopening will be to go back to the basics of opening a theater and make sure every show to provide the greatest experience.

Much discussion came from EVO Entertainment opening in Texas posted on their website

Blue Stocking Partnership Presentation by Prill Brewin’s: Reimagine your business

Reopen vs. Reimagine.. You should reimagine and build back even better. Trust will be everything. Communicate what, when, why and how you are changing your business. Simplify your production (ie provide a limited menu).

What is your ROI? Return on Involvement. Take card payment only, build trust with your customers.

Leon Newnham with Vista is launching a new program to arm cinemas with options- check your emails the week of May 4th.

Watch the recap here.

Thanks again for signing up for the seventh #CJCinemaSummit.

If you were unable to join us for the live event, or if you wanted to share it with your community, the recording is now available here. 

A special thank you to Sarah and Prill of the Blue Stocking Partnership, Leon Newnham at Vista, and Oliver Delaney of The Coca Cola Company.
A copy of Prill Brewin’s presentation is available here.

See the recording here

Cinema In Flux 4.29.20 Webinar 2:30pm CDT

When will movies be available?

Sonny Gourley- Marcus Theaters says at the beginning of July. Tenet is aiming for a July 17th release. Mulan is set for July 24th. Movie theaters need to be open by then. Do know that studios are rooting for the opening of theaters.

What happens if a world wide launch cannot happen? ie LA does not open? there are plenty of classics to play ie Harry Potter, Avengers etc.

Do customers expect a cheaper movie? perhaps a lower ticket price for library movies. is dynamic pricing worth entertaining? some feel decreased pricing devalues the product.

With fewer seats to sell, how do you determine the success for a tent pole movie? movies will have a longer showing time

Movie Release Predictions: Paul Dergarabedian of ComScore

July : 17th Tenet | 24th Mulan

August:  7th  Spongebob Movie | 14th Wonder Woman 1984 + The One and Only Ivan | 28th The Hitman’s Bodyguard 2

September: 4th A Quiet Place Part II | 4th The Beatles: Get Back | 11th The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It | 18th The King’s Man | 25th Candyman and The Trial of Chicago 7 |

October: 2nd Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse | 9th The Witches | 16th Halloween Kills | 23rd Snake Eyes + Everybody’s Talking About Jamie  and Lord and Miller Connected

November: 6th Black Widow | 13th Clifford the Big Red Dog | 20th Soul  and Godzilla vs Kong | 25th No Time to Die

December: 11th Free Guy | 18th Dune, Coming to America Sequel, West Side Story | 23rd The Croods 2  and Top Gun Maverick | 25th The Last Duel

View the presentation at

BoxOffice Pro

Thinking reactively and proactively across social media during COVID for Cinemas: With doors closed, Social Media is one of the most important communication platforms to connect with moviegoers during this time. A key tool at your disposal to connect, engage, communicate, promote, and lastly drive customers back to theaters. During this LIVE session, we will talk about:

1. What are the top social media for each demographic and which content works best for each

2. Creating and advocating for an approachable style of language that best communicates your mission externally

3. We will have a panel discussion with exhibitors about their communication strategy during COVID.

You MUST watch this reply. This is by far one of the BEST webinars I have sat in over the past 6 weeks. The speakers were extremely articulate and provided worthwhile information and tools that everyone can use.

Social Media- new one coming out is Vero.

Make sure you position your brand. Know what is being said about you on social media, make sure you are following influencers as well as hashtags.

Facebook: monthly active audience of 2.5 billion. daily is 1.6 billion. 68 % adults report using it. 75% women vs. 63% men. 30+ year old age group. 46% 65years and older. there is a negative connotation with young people. 80% watch videos with the sound off.  when you use, create engagement polls.

Instagram: owned by Facebook.  Lifestyle blogger. Driven by photos. You need themed content to stand out.

Twitter: monthly 300 million. 40% engage multiple times per day.  49 million use monthly. Real time news. Users expect to read bite size content. Target is males 30-60 years old. Discussions occur.

TikTok: New Kid on the Block. 800 million users. 315 million downloads Q1 of 2020. Teens 13-24 years old. Must have feel good content. Short form video, catchy and comedic. Non sensical. Pure entertainment.

2 metrics with social media: # of followers and interactions with your posts.

Drivers of engagement: tone- tune into platform being used, post frequency, ask questions (more or less of), be discoverable, video is king.

Branding during COVID: digital engagement is key right now.

Create a proactive game plan: Intent, Transparency and Trust.

Proactive vs. Reactive: Evaluate efforts, Understand audience, Set realistic goals, Be present. People will be asking about contactless pay. Will you be ready for that?

Leading with intent: Establish brand voice, Craft thoughtful message, Set rules and standards, Anticipate needs.

Transparency: Be honest when no one speaks, explain business steps, don’t be shy, create clear communication paths + assets.

What are you about? have an FAQ page , provide an ask us a question page, formulate a game plan.

Trust will drive customers back to your business. Brand loyalty and word of mouth need to be preserved.

TREAM: Trust Rules Everything Around Me

Be creative. Peoples faces are the brand. Give employees recognition. Know the national days and incorporate (national super hero day etc. ).

Make sure you use the platforms that you are most familiar with ALOT. Then add in new ones to increase your reach.  Don’t worry about selling things right now.

Things to consider ahead of re-opening.

Boxoffice Podcast

CJ Cinema Summit 4.24.20 Notes

The following speakers were on the CJ Cinema Summit webinar on April 24th. Clifford Marks: Cinemedia, Kathryn Jacob: Pearl + Dean, Katy Long: Screen Vision, Peter Fronstam: Svensky Bio and Stefan Kuhlow: Weischer Cinemas Deutschland.

The opening will be slow. Alamo will do a slow roll out.

Sony is not manufacturing or selling new projectors.

All trade publications are losing advertisers. But, you should keep advertising going. Advertising companies are keeping the lines of communication open. They did a pole and ask customers about returning. 73% ( poll by NCM Americas Movie Network) will return. This is very optimistic.  Don’t be shy about asking people to support businesses.

Show customers content and get customers comfortable with the new seating arrangements. Gain their confidence. #powerofthebigscreen.

go to for full recap.


Cheers + Chat Tuesday April 21,2020

Thanks to everyone who came to Cheers + Chat on Tuesday the 21st. Our apologies for it not being as technically seamless as we would have liked. Cisco Webex must have been enjoying happy hour as well. We were happy to hear that Roadhouse + Nexus (Bama) received their checks! We certainly hope that many more of you were able to receive some money. Jim Cooke (Canada) is still stuck in the Phillipines on holiday (#freejimcooke) 🙂 We spoke about the never ending topic of businesses opening and what is associated with that, associations, business interruption insurance and forming a Dine In Cinema Alliance. If you are a member of ICA, there is a call on Friday the 24th at 3pm. This sounds like it is worth your time to attend.

Side note, since we know many are on via their telephone, we are not able to see who is on the call. Surely you don’t want to hear the same people over- and over- and over again. Remember, we gather, collaborate and inspire- not dictate (many other industries are doing that much better than we can). We want to see your pretty grey hair, grizzly beard and dark circles! This happy hour is best when we are able to have contributions from everyone. That is how we roll! Next Tuesday, video it up and join the convo!

Here is the recording of the meeting:

Cheers + Chats OG Happiness Hour-20200421 2111-1
Tuesday, April 21, 2020
6:02 pm  |  (UTC-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Play recording (55 mins)
Recording password: Fk8N4t7P

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!