Kick Off of the Dine In Cinema Website

We are so looking forward to the 2019 Dine In Cinema Summit! Thank you for all the feedback regarding where we should go in 2019. The majority wins! We are keeping it in Austin, Texas and looking forward to building upon our success from 2018. Bookmark our website at

We will be at CinemaCon in April and hosting our first happy hour in Las Vegas! If you plan to be there, stop by our booth and get your wristband. Stay tuned for more details!

Check your email for your sponsor letters for the summit. We are looking forward to having all our “OG sponsors” back as well as bringing new ones into the “Weird Family”.

Lots of celebrations happened in our office last week (Happy 50th Birthday John on January 23rd and Happy 47th Birthday Matt on January 24th!  We hope you are celebrating in yours this week!

Matt, John + Amy