2018 Summit

Thank you all for attending the 2018 summit! It could not have been the great success that it was if everyone wasn't as engaged and motivated as you were!

Venue Valet hosted a Dine-In Cinema Summit in Austin, Texas from November 12-14, 2018 to bring the industry leaders in Dine-In Cinema together in one place to collaborate with one another. The goal was to discuss what is available in the market in the interest of continuing to move the Dine-In Cinema market forward.

The attendees included novice to experienced theater owners, operators and staff from many different Dine-In Cinema locations and chains  as well as vendors that provide valuable products and services that are specific to the Dine-In Cinema market. The positive atmosphere was a productive way for the attendees to engage and develop synergetic relationships with their fellow cinema professionals. They discussed a significant amount of topics including (but not limited to) improving operations, becoming more educated on products and services that are being used or developed, and sharing strategies for growth and improvement in the Dine In Cinema market.

If you need additional information about this summit, please email contact@dineincinemasummit.com.

Thank you to our 2018 sponsors!

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Thank you to all who attended in 2018!

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